Rampage The Last Boyscout - Red Oktoba

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First time on cd ! The unreleased album from the original member of the Flipmode Squade. Recorderd in 1994 and hidden for years.
With a guest appearance: Busta Rhymes, Serious, Miss Jones and others.
Limited to 350 copies.
Exclusively only on Trumindz Records

1. The Night B4 My Shit Dropped additional vocal by Alan Scott Plotkin
2. The Last Boyscout
3. Beware Of The Rampsack
4. The Illest Moment featured by Serious
5. No I'm Not Home
6. Looking At The World
7. Do You Want It featured by Busta Rhymes
8. Tha Red Oktoba featured by The Capital L.S.
9. Come Wit It
10. Set It Straight featured by Miss Jones
11. Beware Of The Rampsack (Danger Zone Remix) [Radio Version]
12. Beware Of The Rampsack (Smak U Bak Mix)

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Rampage The Last Boyscout - Red Oktoba Snippets